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Rights of a modern man and society

Nowadays a modern man in Russia has more rights than in the former Soviet Union. Russian Federation is a democratic Republic and people are free to say anything they want in it. They won’t be punished for that and it was many years ago when the communists were at the power. Of course it is not easy to have the right democracy. For many years people had been afraid to say the wrong word or to be active as far as business went. But now they are permitted to do nearly everything and some still cannot understand liberty right. There is such a category of people who are still afraid of everything new, they don’t understand democracy, and they used to live under the communist regime. But there are such who are too free from all they also forget about their duties. A modern person can show his own initiative, have his own business, much private. Property, travel abroad whenever and wherever he wants, he can work for himself, pay the necessary taxes and enjoy life. And that’s what I like and appreciate most of all.

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