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Art, music, theatre, painting

Some people say if you want to forget all the problems of your life, all troubles of existence you should go to the theatre or art gallery. I partially agree with that because art helps us to forget about problems and somehow puts us into the world which is much clearer than ours. But there is another point of view that art must not exist for its own sake, it must depict our reality and help to find way out of difficult situations. I cannot say that I’m totally for it but there is something in, too. As for me I sometimes like going to art galleries just to get some positive emotions. While in Moscow I went to the Tretyakov Gallery. It’s so amazing there. The gallery has an excellent selection of the best works by the “Peredvizhniki”: Ilya Repin, Victor Vasnetsov, Ivan Shishkin, Vasiliy Surikov and others. I like Repin’s paintings for example “Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan”. When I was in St. Petersburg I went to the Hermitage. Every time I am in St. Petersburg I visit the Hermitage. Just half a year ago I went there with my parents and visited as usual the famous Leonardo da Vinci Hall. The Hall is decorated in the style of 17-century French baroque. The Hermitage possesses two out of 12 or 14 works by Leonardo. I also like the Malachite Room, which reflects the style of 1889. As far as music goes I can say that from time to time I listen to classical music and visit concerts. My favourite composer is Mozart. As to the theatre I know one should visit it but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for this. I visited our Maykop theatre three or four times with my friends but I didn’t like all the plays I saw. I like only comedies. So a can say art, theatre, music help us to widen our outlook and notwithstanding the fact that we live in a modern world and we are always busy we should always find time for these things.

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