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What must we do?

What is perspective of animals saving on the Earth? What are the means for achievement of this purpose? The man can save animals on the Earth, if he will start working with enthusiasm, being equipped with knowledge and being quite sure in necessity of his work. And these activities are really useful because economic value of animals and moral-aesthetic value of saving of nature (including animals) do not require an explanation. Let our descendants will receive blooming, full-value Earth from us. Struggle for the saving of animals is only one side of struggle for rescue of nature in general. If we are going to reduce the loss of biological diversity, we must direct attention to underlying causes of the loss. It’s particularly important to secure ecologically sustainable use of nature, like agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Threatened and vulnerable biological diversity must be protected and, if possible, restored. It’s especially important to protect threatened individual species and stocks demand particular protection. I think that we have to carry out vast educational work attracting various forms of influence on consciousness of people (printing, radio, television, etc). The huge value in matter of nature protection has the release of the appropriate literature, posters, stamps, postcards, organisation of exhibitions and lectures. Increased knowledge among all people concerning the threatened species and what has to be done to prevent their extinction, can be the first step towards preserving biological diversity. Situation for many animals now is perilous. They can become extinct within a relatively short period if we don’t take necessary precautions to preserve their habitation area. The wide system of national and even of international reserves and parks will help us to save biological diversity and vast areas of virtually untouched nature. However there are completely objective premises for saving of wild animals on the Earth. But large activities are necessary for this purpose, activities of all mankind, which just now begins to understand the responsibility before the future generations.

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