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Environmental protection

With the development of civilization man's interference in nature grows up. It leads to different negative factors are: the pollution of water, air, soil and the destruction of the ozone layer. This problem must be solved if we want to preserve life on our planet. This problem is global problem that's why all countries of the world, all people, young and old, must take an active part in the protection of natural resources rationly. Factoriyes and plants must have purification systems to preserve the purity of water, air and soil. We must take care of plants, trees, animals, birds and fishes, especially of those that are dying out. We also have a Red Book where rare and dying out plants, birds, animals are registered. Though the role of people in the solution of ecological problems has greatly increased, we can't say that we are doing all in our power, to stop harmful processes in preserving the environment. The folowing radical measures must be taken: 1. The replanting of trees that have been cut down; 2. Nuclear tests should be stopped; 3. Purificution systems must be installed at plants and factories; 4. Natural resources should be used more rationally; 5.Rare and dying out birds, animals and plant's should be protected; 6.Precaution measures should be taken against the destruction of the ozone layer.

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