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Melting Clocks

Since I was a child, I have been completely impressed whenever I look at anything. I have always been especially impressed by things that make me cry of emotion. It seems stupid but has been like this for years. Your feelings are the same.

I can not believe I am the first person to make a comment regarding Picasso’s Melting Clocks masterpiece. The picture is the probably the best painting in the world. I think it is lovely. What I see is an extremely good painting that is bringing new life into the world. I believe the painting is made wisely because if it were any better it would be real. What’s really so amazing about this painting is that if you stop to think about it, it was actually painted by someone!

I must admit that even though I am always impressed when I look at things, at first the Melting Clocks Painting was very disappointing and depressing. But then I was struck by the truth: I realized that this painting was made by a real person who painted it by hand. I thought it was lovely. And now I think the picture is wonderful! It is amazing that people can paint something so wonderful.

It is such a great painting that it should be in every art-lover’s house. I would pay up to $1000 for this work of art. It is a masterpiece, pure genius! It looks as if Picasso was living inside the picture. It is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. This painting is wonderful. It makes me like this painter for his feelings and personality. It also makes me know.

It astounds me that a mere man could make something so truthful when he is usually so stupid. The clocks are dripping like time itself really drips, when you stop to think about it. But even if you don’t want to take the time to understand this theory of mine, you can still appreciate the emotional force of Melting Clocks. I think it is a lovely painting because it has colors.

I believe this artwork reveals a great power. It illustrates an overwhelming power. It emanates a vast fragility. You need to wonder whether Picasso holds an expression of regret, dislike of inability, a pure sadness, or a feeling of guilt. I believe that this masterpiece is wonderful. There are a lot of different details in this painting. I feel like I am near the painting when I look at it. That’s because this work is accurately composed. This painting is great.

A couple of hours ago I was waiting in line at the ATM, when I overheard some lady say that Picasso’s Melting Clocks picture gave her the heebee-jeebees. I was appalled. This painting is a problem for her because in her reality she doesn’t know how to understand art. She doesn’t know how to see honest beauty. It might be freaky, but it is also ingenious. He is not really a psychopath. Look at the fantastic detail of the melting clock. Imagine the dripping of time! This is a beautiful piece of art!!! I am impressed that this painting is so talented. It makes me feel like I know stuff. So do you still think this painting is very ugly? No, nobody can think it is ugly.

Apart from being a masterpiece known worldwide, this is also such an erotic shock. The place that is painted gives me this sort of feeling. I feel especially satisfied. I also feel proud of the painting. I understand Picasso because I am a fan. It is quite impressive to see a man who has been dead for many centuries just by looking at one of his paintings.

I really enjoy this work because it takes me away, and then when I come back I realize I didn’t go anywhere. I think that his work is just wonderful I just love it. Its insight, divine beauty, and vulnerability grasp my mind creating a form of excitement. How beautiful this painting really is. It brings forth the essence of truth. Ultimately, Melting Clocks warms the soul. It is an amazing painting. It makes me want to go research it. I really enjoy this work. It is a fantastic representation. But don’t forget that this painting was painted by a person. That’s why, when you look at it, you can see the truth of humanity. I think this painting probably was the culmination of Picasso’s career.

If you try to think about this painting then you will discover that it actually has a true meaning that you can probably understand. I think it is truly a wonder. My reaction to it shows how truly great it is. Another reason that it is the greatest painting in the world is that it was painted by the greatest painter in the world. I think this artwork is the best. I love the way it works on me.

I think this painting can be placed in a dictionary to define many words, like “beauty”, “greatness”, “truth”, “time”, “genius”, “masterpiece”, “fantastic”, “amazing”, “incredible”, and even “painting”. I really like this painting. I think it is the world’s finest masterpiece. This painting is by far the most cherished and appreciated masterpiece ever painted. All I can say is “wow”. The painting is truly fantastic. It just gives me pure joy. It is beautiful. I love this painting. It is amazing. This is beautiful artwork. It is the best painting in the world. It is my favorite work of all time. It is truly the work of a genius. No other painting is this good. Almost everybody loves this painting. It is really incredible. It is an astounding piece of work. It is a TIMELESS masterpiece. ;)

In conclusion, This picture is very elegant. It shows the essence of life in a world where time is actually melting away. It is also very precise. I think this was one of his best paintings, but it is definitely the best painting that anyone has ever made. The detail and color that went into this painting are exquisite. This guy is unsurpassed in his masterpieces. He is by far my favorite artist of the Renaissance.

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